Certification Programs


Ethology Institute offers you high-quality courses at amazingly low fees (we invite you to check the internet for comparable programs before you enroll in any of our courses). Our low fees are only possible because we have minimized the administration of our study programs, have implemented a simple, yet efficient online coursework structure and last, but not least, because of the many work hours donated by our tutors, admin team, and webmaster.

To earn a diploma for completing a certification program, you must: 

  1. have passed all quizzes and/assignments for that particular level (all courses are online), 
  2. have trained and logged a required number of animals (you get your free online logbook), 
  3. have been proficiency verified. A Proficiency Verification is a session where you demonstrate that you have the necessary practical proficiency in handling an animal. You can do it by video.
  4. have earned the minimum number of study credits required.

How to do it:

  • Choose the certification program of your choice. 
  • Each program includes all courses from any lower level program, e.g. CACE includes all CPDT courses plus the courses needed to earn the CACE diploma. 
  • If you upgrade from one program to the next, you only pay the difference in fees (plus a minor fee of 1%). 
  • You earn a certificate every time you have completed the mandatory final quiz belonging to a course. Once you have taken all courses pertaining to one particular program, and you have met all other requirements, you earn the diploma for that program. 
  • When you enroll in a certification program, you get immediate access to all its courses and tests. 
  • You can choose to pay the course fee in monthly installments (from € 110).

Choose a program below to read more.

Our updated diploma ‘Certified Professional Dog Trainer’ is probably the best and cheapest program of its kind you can find. 12 online courses and one video proficiency verification. Learn about evolution, ethology, behaviorism, animal welfare, EFR for animals, anatomy, physiology, canine behavior, puppies, dogs and children, dogs home alone, canine problem behavior, and how to teach your students. Tutor assisted course forums and one-on-one tutor support for the practical work. Earn redeeming points for completing courses. Try it today, take your first course for free. Certified Professional Dog Trainer
18 online courses, two tutor assisted video Proficiency Verifications. Go a step further than CPDT, learn also about ethology, animal learning, applied animal learning, agonistic behavior, canine scent detection. Tutor assisted course forums and one-on-one tutor support for the practical work. Earn redeeming points for completing courses. Certificate in Applied Canine Ethology (CACE)
An online, self-study program for you, who wish to be a top professional with a solid theoretical knowledge and a vast experience in training different animals. 24 online courses and four video Proficiency Verifications. Get all CPDT and CACE courses plus equine behavior, feline behavior, zoology, evolution and ethology, learning and behavior, critical reasoning.  One-on-one tutor support for the practical work. Tutor assisted course forums and one-on-one tutor support for the practical work. Earn redeeming points for completing courses. Certificate in Advanced Applied Ethology (CAAE)


Always fascinated by animals, I started at Ethology Institute while still in High School. When I look back, it's amazing how much I've learned. Today, I run etologi.dk, my own animal training school, and I am a part-time tutor at the Institute.

Tilde Detz Jensen

Animal Trainer, Behavior Consultant, BSc. ABT.

Copenhagen, Denmark

I wanted scientific knowledge, not popular beliefs. The CAAE was a test to my resolve. I never regret I took it. I got what I wanted, and it felt good earning my diploma. I am, now, an Approved Regional Education Provider.

Roberto Barata

CAAE, Behavior Consultant, Tutor.

Lisbon, Portugal

I enrolled for CPDT and upgraded to CAAE. The courses gave me a wealth of knowledge and challenging proficiency verifications. I'm glad I found the Institute. I'm a much better trainer, today, and my clients can see it.

Michael McManus

Trainer (Dogs, Horses, Guinea Pigs), CAAE.

St. Louis, MI, USA