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📆 Jun 8 (An Ethologist Reacts)

📆 Jun 10 (Professor Abrantes Thursday Meetings)  

📆 Jun 22 (Controversial Questions in Dog Training)

📆 Jun 24 (Meet Your Tutors)

📆 Jul 6 (An Ethologist Reacts)

📆 Jul 8 (Professor Abrantes Thursday Meetings)  

📆 Jul 20 (Controversial Questions in Dog Training)

📆 Jul 22 (Meet Your Tutors)

All LIVE ONLINE meetings until October 31 are at 16:00 GMT (and at 17:00 GMT after that). Some meetings are broadcast live on Ethology Institute Group (Facebook). For more details and registration info, please see below.


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An Ethologist Reacts

An Ethologist Reacts

With ethologist Professor Roger Abrantes, Ph.D., Michael McManus, CAAE, and guests.

Hosted by Jessica Pacheco.

Ethologist Dr. Roger Abrantes analyzes trendy clips and articles on animal behavior and learning.
🙋🏻‍♀️ Host: Jessica Pacheco.
👥 Panelists: Professor Dr. Roger Abrantes, Michael MacManus, and guests.
🔖 Topic: Trendy topics, video clips, and articles.
60 minutes.
📆 One Tuesday every month (next meeting Jul 6).
💵 FREE for all—watch on Ethology Institute Group FB page.


Prof Abrantes Thu Meetings 3

Professor Abrantes’ Thursday Meetings
Host: Professor Dr. Roger Abrantes. Co-host: Michael McManus.

Professor Roger Abrantes, Ph.D., ethologist, dedicates these Thursday meetings to clarify essential questions about animal behavior. Ask questions and participate in fascinating debates—your opportunity to meet an ethologist face to face.

Students earn one study credit, adding to the tally you need to earn a diploma.

⏱ 60 minutes.
📆 One Thursday every month (next meeting Jul 8).
💵 Free for all (mandatory registration).

Controversial Questions In Dog Training

Controversial Questions in Dog Training
Host: Michael McManus, CAAE, with the participation of Dr. Roger Abrantes, Ph.D., and guests.

One Tuesday every month it’s time for dog learning, and training news—and to debate hot, actual topics.
We examine trends and slogans and uncover the naked truth. We leave no skeletons in the closet, no stone unturned.
Don’t miss it!

⏱ 60 minutes.
📆 One Tuesday every month (next event Jun 22).
💵 Free for all—watch on Ethology Institute Group FB page.

Dog Language
by Roger Abrantes, Ethologist, Ph.D.

Dog language reviews all the most important elements of dog behavior from agonistic behavior to sexual and predatory behavior. This webinar by the author of “Dog Language” is a must for all dog owners and trainers.

⏱ 4 x 45 minutes plus 15 minutes Q&A webinars illustrated with slides and videos. Incl. online course, tests, and course certificate.
📆 To be announced.
💵 Webinar fee: €148 for all four webinars incl. online course.

Learn How to Stimulate Your Dog at Home
by Roger Abrantes, Ethologist, Ph.D.

Under-stimulation is the cause #1 of problem behavior in dogs. Learn the most efficient ways to stimulate your dog when you cannot go outdoors. Prevention is always better than cure. Don’t miss this webinar.

⏱ 45 minutes webinar illustrated with slides and videos plus 15 minutes Q&A.
📆 To be announced.
💵 Webinar fee: €39.

Animal Training My Way

by Roger Abrantes, Ethologist, Ph.D.

“Animal Training My Way — Merging Ethology and Behaviorism” may change your life and the life of your pet forever.

The author writes, “If you asked me to tell you in one sentence what it is all about, I’d say: it’s about realizing the need to control ourselves rather than others.”

Based on the book of the same title, this is a webinar with loads of practical examples and stuff to ponder.

    ⏱ 4 x 45 minutes plus 15 minutes Q&A webinars illustrated with slides and videos. Incl. online course, tests, and course certificate.
    📆 To be announced.
    💵 Webinar fee: €148 for all four webinars incl. online course.
Comportamiento Canino Pacificador

Comportamiento Canino Pacificador
Presentadores: Roger Abrantes, Ph.D., con introducción de Marisa Covarrubias.

El profesor Roger Abrantes, Ph.D., etólogo, explica qué es el comportamiento pacificador, sus orígenes, evolución y expresiones. Este tipo de comportamiento es esencial para comunicarse con nuestros perros y entenderlos.

Podemos evitar muchos problemas con nuestros perros aprendiendo un poco del idioma canino.

    ⏱ 45 minutos ilustrados com fotos más 15 para preguntas.
    📆 Martes, 19 de mayo a las 4pm (GMT+1 = 10am México, 11am Chile, 5pm España).
    💵 Gratis (número limitado de participantes — se requiere registro)

Meet Your Tutors
Ethology Institute’s Tutors.

Meet your tutors and ask any questions you like. These meetings are also an excellent opportunity to know your peers. Note that participating in a meeting gives you one study credit, adding to the tally you need to earn a diploma. We announce meeting times on our Facebook page “Ethology Institute Cambridge Students.

⏱ 60 minutes.
📆 One Thursday every month (next meeting Jun 24).
💵 Free for all students (mandatory registration).

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What’s next?

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