Terms and conditions for book subscriptions

These are very attractive books with some nice facilities like high-quality pictures, full-screen view, zooming, thumbnail overview of all pages and clickable hyperlinks.

If you are a student, you will have free access to some of these books when you enroll in the courses.

If you are not a student, you can buy subscriptions, which give you access to read the books online, anytime and anywhere, provided you have an Internet connection.

We only refund book subscriptions due to the unlikely total breakdown of our server. We do not refund book subscriptions because your device cannot read them. It is your responsibility to assure that you have the right equipment according to the instructions on this page.

Please, note that you must have flash installed on your computer (or tablet) to read the books online. Click here, choose a platform and install the free Adobe Flash Player.

Most tablets, including the iPad, do NOT support flash. At the moment, you will have to install an App like Photon Flash Player for Pad or Photon for Android to read most of our books. We are currently (March 2016) re-publishing all our books so that in the future you won’t need any special app to read them on tablets.

We do not send you downloads, links to download the book, or paper copies. These are online books.

Since you can only read these books online (and not download them), you will always have the latest updates automatically and free of charge.

Even though our servers are professionally kept up, we cannot guarantee that there will not be a minimal maintenance time, now and then, in which you will not be able to access the book(s) to which you have subscribed. In the unlikely event of our server breaking down completely, you have the right to a full refund if the breakdown occurs within one year of your subscription.