All About Courses And Certification Programs

Ethology Institute Cambridge offers a series of courses in animal behavior, animal learning, and animal behavior modification, which you can combine in various ways.


Flexibility—you decide what you want to study

You can sign up for one course at the time. You earn a certificate when you complete a course. Once you have taken all courses pertaining to one particular program, you receive the diploma for that program.

To earn a diploma for a certification program, you must:

  1. pass all quizzes and/assignments for that particular program,
  2. train and log the minimum required number of animals,
  3. be proficiency verified,
  4. earn the required minimum number of study credits.

When you enroll in a certification program, you get immediate access to all courses and quizzes. Enrolling in a program is cheaper than buying all courses, one at the time. Read more about certification programs.


Your student profile at a glance

When you register for a course, you get a student profile in My Profile, where you have access to all your coursework, logbook, quiz results, study credits, proficiency verifications, redeeming points, certificates, and diplomas. The progress bar shows how much of a program you have completed. You log your practical experience training animals in your logbook; our programs are a combination of online theoretical courses and practical experience.


Syllabus, textbooks, study credit, quizzes, and proficiency verifications

Please, go to Select a Course for detailed information about the coursework for all programs as well as quizzes, assignments, and proficiency verifications. All courses are fully online courses.

For each course, you read books and articles, watch movies and complete lesson quizzes. Then, you take the final quiz for that course. A quiz is a quality control tool. Re-taking a quiz regularly is your self-imposed quality control.

You earn study credit points by actively participating in courses (via the course forums), reading articles and blogs, and watching videos.

Proficiency Verification is a session where you demonstrate that you have the necessary practical proficiency in handling an animal. If we do not have an AREP (Approved Regional Education Provider) in your area, you may submit a video proficiency verification for your tutor to evaluate.

Your logbook is where you register all the animals you train or treat for behavior problems. Read more about your logbook and get access to it here.


You earn money when you complete a course

Every time you complete a course, you earn redeeming points corresponding to 10% of the course fee. When you finish a program, we give you an extra 20 points. You can use your redeeming points to buy new courses or to gift a friend. If you have not used any of your redeeming points by the time you earn your CAAE diploma (and only that), you can claim them and get paid EUR 527. That means that you start earning money as soon as you graduate.


High standards 

Our programs require the same level of theoretical knowledge as any corresponding programs from accredited universities and colleges with a high reputation. The only difference is that we give more emphasis to personal experience and practical skills than the traditional academic institutions.

Although other educational institutions usually give our students credit for their accomplished studies at Ethology Institute, this occurs at their discretion only. Students wishing to pursue an academic career are advised to inquire about the transfer of credits at the college or university of their choice.


Knowledge to everyone… everywhere 

We want to give everyone access to genuine knowledge, independently of geographical location or financial status. Quality and affordable fees are our highest priorities. Therefore, we have eliminated the expensive, mandatory on-campus courses by implementing the following measures: online registration and payment, excellent online textbooks, immediate and automatic grading of quizzes, student logbooks, video proficiency verifications, course forums, and one-on-one online tutoring.

Our comparably low fees are only possible because we have minimized the administration of our study programs and last, but not least, because of the many hours of work donated by our tutors and webmaster.

We were pioneers in the implementation of distance education. With our 2019 program, we place ourselves again at the front of the field. We offer everyone the best, the cheapest, and the most modern portal for online education.

Please, feel free to browse around our site, take the free demo or evolution courses. Then, browse the internet and compare what we offer you with what you get from similar programs.

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