Our Team

A team of professionals in their respective fields, who want to make a difference rather than a career, volunteering thousands of work hours to give you an exceptional learning experience, to give you knowledge rather than gossip, science rather than hearsay.

Roger Abrantes, Ph.D. in Ethology and Evolutionary Biology and BA in Philosophy, is the Honorary Scientific Director of the Ethology Institute. He lectured in Ethology, Evolution, Learning Theory, Animal Training, and Critical Reasoning.

e-mail raa@ethology.eu 

Alessandra Bourquin, MSc in Biology, Exam ABT, lectures in Ethology, Learning Theory, Zoology, Practical Animal Training, and treats canine problem behavior. She is also a tutor.

e-mail agb@ethology.eu

Victor Ros, Graduate Animal Trainer (BSc), lectures in Equine Behavior and Learning. He gives practical courses in Equine Learning as well as treating horses for problem behavior. 

e-mail: vrp@ethology.eu

Tilde Detz Jensen, Graduate Animal Trainer (BSc), is our AREP in Denmark. She is an extremely competent trainer of dogs, horses, cats, and Guinea pigs, and has a vast experience. She is also qualified as a tutor.

e-mail: tdj@etologi.dk


Roberto Barata, CAAE, is our AREP for Portugal. He is an excellent dog trainer and instructor. He trains also horses and cats besides tutoring students and participating in the administration in general.

e-mail: reb@ethology.eu

Michael McManus, Certified in Advanced Applied Ethology (CAAE), is an approved tutor for all students up to CACE level. He is a remarkably competent trainer of dogs, horses, and Guinea pigs.

e-mail: readysitgo@gmail.com


John Larsen is the programmer, webmaster and designer of our website. The structure, simplicity, and functionality of our site offer our students easy access to all study resources, from books and videos to on-line quizzes, thus allowing them to focus on their studies.

email: jkl@ethology.eu

Paolo Terrile, Attorney-at-law, is our legal advisor. He is also a competent animal trainer, working with dogs, cats and Guinea pigs.

e-mail: pat@ethology.eu


Our Admin Team takes care of all administration issues, including IT, graphic design, and social media. Although the team is not available 24-7, as a rule, someone will answer your support ticket within 24 hours (except weekends and major holidays).

e-mail: info@ethology.eu

Our Tutor Team consists of all teachers and tutors who collaborate in creating programs, courses, lessons, and study resources. We guide you throughout your studies and answer the questions you pose on the course forums.

e-mail:  info@ethology.eu