Daybook looks like Facebook, only tidier, and feels like Facebook. You’ll feel at home right away—only in a safer environment.

Daybook does not operate with obscure algorithms controlling what you may or may not see and support cares for you.

Daybook is the spot where you can debate any topic with courtesy in a scientific-minded atmosphere, without peer-pressure or any constraints imposed by political correctness or commercial interests.

Daybook is Ethology Institute’s virtual campus where students and tutors meet and discuss topics of interest.

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Are you tired of seeing your posts misinterpreted and abused? Are you fed up with being spammed in the current social media? Are you sometimes afraid of posting because of the intolerance and prejudice you meet in social media? Are you concerned with your privacy? If yes, then daybook is the right place for you to air your thoughts and ask the questions that matter for you.

We want daybook to be the spot where our students and tutors, interested in contributing to a better understanding of animal behavior and learning, meet and debate relevant questions.

Daybook is an Exclusive Community

Daybook is the spot where you can debate any topic with courtesy in a scientifically minded atmosphere, without peer-pressure or any constraints imposed by political correctness or commercial interests. Our objective is to investigate and learn.

Daybook is not open to everybody. When you enter daybook, you join an exclusive community of like-minded people connected to Ethology Institute. In a friendly and safe environment, you post and comment on academic matters, share photos, videos, and experiences you believe will interest your peers. You cement friendships and make new friends, inspire and get inspired, support and get supported.

Daybook is Your Safe Environment

Our Community Guidelines and our administrators make sure daybook is a safe environment governed by a sound and respectful code of conduct where you can express your thoughts and ask any question. You decide who can see and read your posts. Right under the posting field, you find your privacy settings. Choose between public, site members, friends only, and only me. Since daybook is an exclusive community, we do not recommend that you allow your posts to be public. Contrary to most social media, we protect your privacy 100%, and no one outside the daybook community has access to your profile, posts, photos, and videos.

Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines exist to protect, not restrict you. You may post everything you want as long as you do it with respect. You have the right to have your viewpoint and the duty to respect your peers’ opinions. We accept diversity in standpoints, politely disagree when ideas do not align and explain why. We debate through logically sound arguments and true statements. We communicate with courtesy and consideration.

Join Daybook Today

Because we want to keep Daybook an exclusive community with high standards, we have requirements for admission. 

If you are a student at Ethology Institute and have completed at least one course after 2019, other than “Demo,” you must join Daybook (which substitutes the earlier forums, from September 2021). You earn necessary study credits for being active on Daybook discussions. Apply right away. We do not add you to daybook by default when you register. We want this to be an active and conscious act from your part. 

If you are not a student, we request you register at Ethology Institute and complete one course besides “Demo.” You can take any course you want. If you cannot choose one right away, you can take the free course “Evolution.” With this requirement, we want you to show your genuine interest in knowledge. It’s a token gesture, but the least prerequisite we can impose to keep trolls and prejudice out of daybook.

Welcome to daybook!

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