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Measuring Behavior is indispensable for the serious student of behavior. Learn how to predict behavior accurately, how to sample behavior, measure changes, create and use ethograms, evaluate your results, and present your findings.
Featured Price: € 168.00 € 89.00


Grants 2019 and Other Offers

Every year, we celebrate Darwin’s month of birth (born February 12, 1809) with some exceptional event. Read more about our grants for 2019 and the other excellent offers we have for you. Valid only until February 28, 2019.

“After attending a seminar by Professor Abrantes, I took my first free course (Evolution). I liked it so much that I enrolled in the next course—and then I couldn’t stop. I finished my CPDT, CACE and finally earned my CAAE diploma of which I’m very proud. Today, I have a good business helping dogs and their owners to a better life. That was my dream!

~Claudia Chiappini, CAAE, Rome, Italy