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The following are all the courses you have to take to earn your Certificate in Advanced Applied Ethology (CAAE) diploma. To read more about the single courses, click this link.

Buying the bundled courses saves you EUR 457. Upon completing all courses, you will have earned 457 redeeming points plus 60 points we give you as a graduation present (equalling EUR 517)  that you can claim (or gift a friend). That means that you start earning money as soon as you graduate.

You can also buy the CAAE in installments saving EUR 184. You’ll get two courses right away and then one each month for 24 months.


List of courses in the CAAE program

All in CPDT plus all in CACE and

Equine Behavior
One lesson: The behavior of the horse, its social behavior, senses, how it apprehends the world, and its ability to solve problems.
Main textbook: “The Nature of Horses” by Stephen Budiansky

Feline Behavior
Three lessons: the behavior of cats as well as the most common causes of problem behavior and how to solve them.
Main textbook: “Feline Behavior and Misbehavior” by R. Abrantes

Two lessons: an introduction to Zoology, how to distinguish and classify animals, particularly mammals.
Main textbook: “Intro to Zoology” by A. Pinto-Poulton

Evolution and Ethology
Two lessons: this is a comprehensive and advanced course in evolution and ethology (graduate level).
Main textbook: “Animal Behaviour” by David McFarland

Learning and Behavior
Three lessons: a most comprehensive course reviewing the various forms animals learn and acquire new behavior (graduate level).
Main textbook: “Learning and Behavior” by Paul Chance

Critical Reasoning
Six lessons: logic and critical reasoning, how to evaluate statements and how to build sound arguments (graduate level).
Main textbook: “Think Out of the Box” by R. Abrantes

Equine Proficiency Verification
Practical work with horses supervised by a tutor

X-Practice Proficiency Verification
Practical work with a third species of your choice, other than dog and horse.

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