Redeeming Points

Your current redeeming points


Earning Redeeming Points

We want to support your good work and encourage you to pursue knowledge. Therefore, for every course you complete and for every certificate you gain, you earn redeeming points (except if you are a grant student). You can get from four to 40 points per course, including proficiency verifications. When you finish a program (CPDT, CACE or CAAE), we’ll add 20 extra points to your account —our graduation present to you.

Each redeeming point corresponds to one euro. You can exchange your points for courses and books, any time you like. Your points will never expire. You can also gift a friend with your points. All your friend has to do is to register free on our site (see below).

Enjoy your studies, receive course certificates, and earn redeeming points!

Gifting a Friend

Register your friend on our website and gift him/her with your redeeming points; or ask your friend to register and tell you his/her username. It’s up to you both which option you choose.

Make sure the username is correct and click the Give points button.