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The following are all the courses you have to take to earn your Certificate in Applied Canine Ethology (CACE) diploma. To read more about the single courses, click this link.

Buying the bundled courses saves you EUR 277. Upon completing all courses, you will have earned 277 redeeming points (equalling EUR 277)  that you can use to continue your education or to gift a friend.

You can also buy the CACE in installments saving EUR 148. You’ll get two courses right away and then one each month for 18 months.


List of courses in the CACE program

All courses from CPDT and

Four lessons: Ethology—history and principles, genetics and behavior, evolutionary strategies, sexual behavior, instinct and learning, communication, social behavior, agonistic behavior, animal economics and intelligence, evolutionary perspectives.
Main textbook: “Ethology” by R. Abrantes

Animal Learning
Three lessons: Classical and operant conditioning. Learning. Signals. Discrimination, generalization, and stimulus control. Increasing and decreasing behavior. Reinforcement schedules. Advanced operant procedures. Plan of action.
Main textbook: “Animal Learning” by R. Abrantes

Applied Animal Learning
Three lessons: The Morphology and Syntax of SMAF. Examples of POA. Quick Guide to designing a POA in SMAF.
Main textbook: “SMAF” by R. Abrantes

Agonistic Behavior
Five lessons: Fearful, aggressive, dominant, and submissive behavior. Pacifying behavior.
Main textbook: “Agonistic Behavior” by R. Abrantes

Measuring Behavior
Four lessons: How to measure behavior, Methods of sampling animal behavior. Using Ethograms. Chi-squared.
Main textbook: “Measuring Behavior” by R. Abrantes

Canine Scent Detection
Three lessons: From the acquisition of indication behavior (alert) and acquisition of target scent to the final blind test.
Main textbook: “Canine Scent Detection—The Practical Manual” by R. Abrantes
Theory and Proficiency Verification

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