Knowledge to Everyone Everywhere

Roger Abrantes
Education, Knowledge

“Knowledge to everyone… everywhere” has been in my mind as far as I remember, going back to the days where I was but a poor student, eager to become a bit less ignorant for each day I lived.

It wasn’t a dream; it was a goal. Now, in my ageing youth, I’m so fortunate that my little team at the Ethology Institute Cambridge shares this goal with me. Although we haven’t succeeded yet in achieving our goal fully, we are on the right path and closer than ever. I’m sure our new program structure, interface, and fees suit many more prospective students than previously. Please, keep reading.

For one, we broke up with the traditional educational system. You study at your own pace. You seek the way that works best for you to gain the necessary practical experience. We don’t examine you, don’t judge you, and don’t label you with grades that will follow you for the rest of your life. We give you tests that you can take as many times as you want, either to improve your knowledge or to refresh it. We offer you proficiency verifications to help you determine whether you possess the necessary skills to pursue your personal goals.

Secondly, we are entirely independent of any economic, religious or political interests or governmental affairs. We don’t sell ideology. We provide you with knowledge, and you decide for yourself how to apply it. You choose what is right or wrong for you, we don’t.

Browse through our website, and we hope you’ll find it attractive and easy to navigate. Pages should load relatively quick even if you do not have a super-fast Internet connection (except for some movies, which might take time on very low net speeds).

We have designed our programs to suit the needs of trainers, animals, and owners. Theory and practice go hand in hand. The theory is what it is, maybe boring for some, but necessary. We have tried to make it as exciting and accessible as possible, yet sometimes, explanations require specialized jargon. We believe that your genuine interest in animal behavior will carry you over this hurdle.

You have complete freedom to obtain your animal training experience wherever it suits you best. We trust you will honestly seek it and report it accurately. You can take your proficiency verifications by video.

Our programs, we discovered, also suit particularly well the many trainers with a vast experience acquired throughout the years but lacking a piece of paper to show for it. Log your experience, take the tests, write the assignments, and take the proficiency verifications needed for the program for which you want to be certified. Once you have completed it all, your diploma will be waiting for you to print.

Our highest priority, beyond quality, has been affordability: to offer quality courses either free or very cheap. We succeeded partially. Registration, two courses, tests, and your logbook are free. The fees for the paid courses are now just 1/3 to 1/4 of earlier. The quality is the same; only the price is lower than previously!

One day, we hope we will be able to offer all programs free of charge (we are still waiting for the right sponsor who shares our views and goals). Our tutors and webmaster donate continually many working hours to this project, “Knowledge to everyone… everywhere.” However, we still have expenses to cover. Therefore, the whole program is not entirely free yet, except for a few students living in parts of the world with a desperate economy and to whom we bestow grants.

Finally, we are continually reviewing and improving courses, programs, and the web platform. As soon as we launch any new major update, inevitable as it is, even though we cross-check all functions, we’ll find some mistakes. We highly appreciate your kindness in pointing them out to us.

“Knowledge to everyone… everywhere” is a massive project created and implemented by a little team of hopeless idealists, unpaid enthusiasts who firmly believe that knowledge is the key to understanding and harmony.


Have a great day!

Roger Abrantes