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Canine Scent Detection

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Our Work: Animal Behavior and Learning

      ▹ Educational programs for Animal Trainers (CPRT, CPDT, CPAT, ACPAT, Graduate Animal Trainer and Master Animal Trainer).
      ▹ Courses, talks, seminars and workshops.
      ▹ Animal behavior consultancy.
      ▹ Researching in the fields of ethology and animal learning.
      ▹ Publishing articles, books and other educational media.

Our Philosophy: Education is a Duty

We do not consider education a business, but a duty to ourselves, our planet and our own interests in surviving and preferably living a good life. Education should be broadly affordable and accessible while keeping a high quality. By reducing bureaucracy to a minimum and optimally automating processes, which do not need human intervention, and by co-operating with approved education providers, we have succeeded in making our programs most affordable. By using on-line text books, on-line tests, locally held proficiency verifications, video-streaming lectures and video conferencing, we have succeeded in making our programs broadly available. By employing highly competent professionals with the primary interest of making a difference rather than making a career, we have succeeded in creating high quality programs.

Our Approach: Respect and Understanding

“We humans have never been able to contemplate a thing without changing it; and yet the most important must be to understand, accept and respect other living beings independently of their species and race.” (Roger Abrantes in Evolution).

Our Results

The best showcase for any educational institution is the work of its students. Click the pictures below to read the Graduate Trainer Final Project of one of our students or to watch movies of our students working with their animals.

Read the Graduate Trainer Final Project presented by Victor Ros.

Watch the video clip of Manuel Castaneda training Chuck Berry.

Watch the video clip of Tilde Detz Jensen working with her horse.


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Take this demo test, or test example, to get familiarized with the tests we use. Our tests are tools for you to improve your knowledge and skills. We don’t examine, grade or label you. We consider our tests as self-imposed quality control. Prospective students and visitors are welcome.