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"I said it before, and I’ll say it again: all we can do is to control ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions, and our behavior. If we do it correctly, we will produce the changes in others that we wish, not against their will, not by force or any pseudo-control techniques, but because they want it."
~ Roger Abrantes in Animal Training My Way.

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CAAE Certificate in Advanced Applied Ethology PREMIUM PROGRAM tutored by Dr. Roger Abrantes

A program for you, who wishes to be a top professional with a solid theoretical knowledge and a vast experience in training different animals. Earn your prestigious diploma as CAAE — 19 online courses and eight video Proficiency Verifications. Full one-on-one tutoring by Dr. Roger Abrantes.

EUR 6000 (USD 6,563.40) if available.

Includes 25% discount on all seminars/workshops given by Dr. Abrantes.

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You can also earn your CAAE as a regular on-line self-study program with unspecified tutor support.
EUR 3400 (or 202 monthly) — USD 3,720.62 (or USD 220.97 monthly).

Other Study Programs

Roger Abrantes teaches Boxer to retrieveRoger Abrantes and Bulldog
Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Online self-study

Earn your CPDT (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) diploma—nine online courses, two video Proficiency Verifications. Learn about canine behavior, problem behavior, learning theory, how to design training programs and much more. Tutor support for the practical work.

EUR 931 (or EUR 100 monthly) — USD 1,013.86 (or USD 108.84 monthly).
Certified in Applied Canine Ethology
Online self-study

Earn your CACE (Certificate in Applied Canine Ethology) diploma—12 online courses, three video Proficiency Verifications. Go a step farther than CPDT, learn about ethology, applied animal learning, and canine scent detection. Tutor support for the practical work.

EUR 1330 (or EUR 119 monthly) — USD 1,447.57 (or USD 129.52 monthly).
Certified in Applied Pet Ethology
Online self-study

Earn your CAPE (Certificate in Applied Pet Ethology) diploma—14 online courses and five video Proficiency Verifications. You study and train animals of three different species gaining new perspectives on animal behavior and training. Tutor support for the practical work.

EUR 1919 (or EUR 171 monthly) — USD 2,089.79 (or USD 186.12 monthly).

Single Courses (see all courses)

Dogs Home Alone 
Prevention is better than cure. Take this course now and earn a certificate. Your dog deserves it.
Only EUR 59 (USD 64.35)

Canine Scent Detection
The most exciting course for you and your dog. Take the theory online today and do the practical part later at a workshop.
EUR 59 (USD 64.32)

“The 20 Principles All Animal Trainers Must Know”
a most popular course in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Italian. 
EUR 59 (USD 64.35)

Our Students are our Showcase

Read the Graduate Trainer Final Project presented by Victor Ros.

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