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CPDTCertified Professional Dog Trainer   online self-study  MOST POPULAR PROGRAM
Roger Abrantes teaches Boxer to retrieve

Earn your CPDT (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) diploma plus the right to display your CPDT badge—10 online courses, three video Proficiency Verifications. Learn about canine behavior, problem behavior, how to design training programs and much more. Tutor support for the practical work.
CTAButtonGoToCourseTransp.pngFollow your passion, learn and have fun.
EUR 1331 (also payable in monthly rates).

Dogs Home Alone
Prevention is better than cure. Take this course now and earn a certificate.
Only EUR 59

Canine Scent Detection
New exciting course for you and your dog. Take the theory online and the practice at a workshop.
EUR 59

“The 20 Principles All Animal Trainers Must Know”
in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
EUR 59

CPATCertified Professional Animal Trainer       online self-study       SPECIAL OFFER

Earn your CPAT (Certified Professional Animal Trainer) diploma plus the right to display your CPAT badge—12 online courses and five video Proficiency Verifications. You study and train animals of three different species. Tutor support for the practical work.
"Knowledge to Everyone Everywhere."
CTAButtonGoToCourseTransp.pngEUR 1849 (also payable in monthly rates).

ACPATAdvanced Certified Professional Animal Trainer   ALSO AS PREMIUM PROGRAM

An online self-study or PREMIUM program for you, who wish to be a top professional with a solid theoretical knowledge and a vast experience in training different animals. Earn your prestigious diploma as ACPAT (Advanced Certified Professional Animal Trainer) and proudly display your ACPAT badge—17 online courses and eight video Proficiency Verifications. Full tutor support for the practical work.

"Knowledge to Everyone Everywhere."

Online self-study


EUR 2986 (theory courses as self-study with some tutor support).

Tutored by
Dr. Roger Abrantes

EUR 6000 if available.
Includes giving 25% discount on all Dr. Abrantes' seminars/workshops.
Click more info to find out if Dr. Abrantes is available to be your tutor.

Our Students are our Showcase

Read the Graduate Trainer Final Project presented by Victor Ros.

Watch the video clip of Manuel Castaneda training Chuck Berry.

Watch the video clip of Tilde Detz Jensen working with her horse.