Mission SMAF— Bringing Scientific Precision Into Animal Training

Title: Mission SMAF— Bringing Scientific Precision Into Animal Training
Author: Roger Abrantes

This little book is about bringing scientific precision into animal training. It introduces a new language to describe accurately all the learning processes, besides being a mini condensed course in learning theory.

Extract from the foreword
Allow me to begin with what SMAF is not. SMAF does not argue for or against the principles of the science of animal learning theory. It does not tell you “this principle is scientifically right,” or “this principle is scientifically wrong.”
SMAF does not deal with ethics either. It does not tell you “this is morally right,” or “this is morally wrong.”
SMAF is not a doctrine, an ideology, a training method. It does not tell you “do this” or “do it this way.”
SMAF is a language, a way to describe learning with all its components. Its objective is to enable us to plan our action with the highest possible degree of precision, and to analyze the expected and observed results.
SMAF defines and transcribes terms and processes, but does not advocate the use of one rather than another. The processes transcribed are the processes extensively researched in learning theory. Most terms keep their classic definitions. Some, I have had to  redefine because they were badly defined (not conclusive, nor exclusive). Others yet, are innovative and proved necessary to describe or name processes not previously identified.

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