Dogs Are Better Trainers than We Are

Dogs Are Better Trainers than We Are

Dogs are better trainers than we are. They don’t know anything about learning theory but get along perfectly well with whom they want, don’t get too upset with a growl, over confident with a yes, depressed with a no, they make us pay them expensive food and medical care, get up early and go late to bed so they can go sniffing other dogs’ urine; and all that just because they sit, stand, drop and look silly at us when we ask them so.

I remember, when I was a young student, listening to Professor Lorenz telling us that dogs were better ethologists than we were because they paid more attention to our body language than we did ourselves. That stuck… and still does.

Featured image: Dogs are better trainers than we are (by A. Jones).

Roger Abrantes

Born in Portugal, a citizen of the World. Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology, B.A. in Philosophy. Speaks seven languages. Present work: lecturing on Ethology and sailing and diving in Thailand (marine biology environmental management).

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