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Course Description

Pedagogy is the study of the principles and methods of instruction, teaching, and education. This course will make you a better instructor by reminding you of the essential principles in pedagogics, the art of teaching, and by giving you some tricks of the trade. Learn how to motivate your students and clients. As a teacher, how knowledgeable and skillful you are amount to naught unless you can transmit it to your students.

In lesson one, you’ll read the article, “The Ten Principles of Motivation.” It is a short article; read it carefully. The lesson’s quiz will challenge your critical thinking, vis-à-vis what you have learned so far, presuming you have taken all courses in the order we envisaged.

In lesson two, you will watch a movie and learn how to incline others to adhere to your ideas.

In lesson three, you will watch a movie about active and passive learning. You’ll discover surprising facts that can turn your classes into instant successes.

Finally, in lesson four, you’ll read your main textbook for this course, Pedagogy, a collection of ten articles by various authors with sound recommendations and proven guidelines for teaching adults.

Our course is an introduction to pedagogy, this vast and crucial topic in education. We trust it will encourage you to seek further knowledge, starting with our recommended literature. “Knowledge to everyone… everywhere” needs good teachers, it needs you.

Course Level

Beginner. This course is an introduction to pedagogy and essential to everyone who intends to teach.

Course Textbook


by various authors.


Book contents

Chapter 1 — 101 Things You Can Do in the First Three Weeks of Class
Chapter 2 — The Most Important Day: Starting Well
Chapter 3 — 10 Things to Make the First Day (and the Rest) of the Semester Successful
Chapter 4 — What Influences Students Attitudes Towards A Course
Chapter 5 — 30 Things We Know For Sure About Adult Learning
Chapter 6 — Lesson Plan Procedures
Chapter 7 — Applying the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education
Chapter 8 — Good Teaching
Chapter 9 — Motivating Students
Chapter 10 — Forty Successes

Supplementary Literature

Although not mandatory, we recommend that you supplement your readings with:

Online Studying and Tutoring

Read the article(s) and book(s). Join the course forum where you can read our tutors’ answers to questions previously posed by your colleagues. If you have a new question, do not hesitate in posting it.

The course forum is solely for academic questions. For administrative matters or difficulties accessing the functionality of the site, please submit a ticket.

Once you’re ready for it, take the quizzes. You may take a quiz as many times as you like. We recommend you re-take quizzes once a year as a self-imposed quality control.

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