Feline Behavior and Misbehavior

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Course Description

Feline Behavior and Misbehavior studies the behavior of cats as well as the most common causes of problem behavior and how to solve them.

Lesson one covers feline behavior as well as giving a short account of the history of the cat as a domestic animal. Watch the movie by Michael W. Fox. Lesson two is a slide presentation by Roger Abrantes and it covers the evolution and the taxonomy of the cat, normal and problem behavior, and treatment of problem behavior. In lesson two, you get also an introduction to cat training. In lesson three, you read the course textbook, Linda Case’s “The Cat: Its Behavior, Nutrition and Health.”

Course Level

Beginner/Intermediate. This course is an all-around course about cats, their health and behavior. It’s a course for all interested in cats. For our CAAE students, it gives you the opportunity to learn about one more species and gain new perspectives.

Course Textbook

“The Cat: Its Behavior, Nutrition and Health”

by Linda Case.

The bond that owners have with their cats and the health benefits that are afforded by this bond have been the topic of numerous studies in the past 25 years. This book provides pet owners, undergraduate students and pet professionals with a complete guide to four topical areas that are of interest: the history of the human-cat relationship; behavior of the domestic cat; feline nutrition; and feline health and disease.

Book contents

Part 1 Knowing the Cat Within the Companion

Part 2 Behavior: Understanding the Domestic Cat

Part 3 Health and Disease: Keeping Cats Healthy and Happy

Part 4 Nutrition: Feeding Cats for Health and Longevity


“The Cat: Its Behavior, Nutrition and Health” by Linda P. Case.


Supplementary Literature

Although not mandatory, we recommend that you supplement your readings with:

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Course Materials

The main textbook "The Cat" by Linda Case is not included and you'll have to acquire it separately (please, see link above in Course Textbook).

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