Guinea Pigs Scent Detection

In this short video, you see a summary of the five steps leading to the final and successful double-blind test in scent detection. Notice that, contrary to the practice everywhere else, we start by teaching the animal the indication behavior. The goal of this procedure is to allow us to reinforce the animal’s behavior whenever it encounters the target scent. Since it will associate the container with the previous indication behavior, it will indicate it and receive its reinforcer for that—while all the time subject to the target scent. That and the exceptionally carefully planned plans of action (POA) are the reason why we succeed in teaching scent detection to Guinea pigs, dogs, and rats in only three days of training.

If you’re interested in staging a scent detection workshop, be it with dogs, Guinea pigs or rats, please contact us.

To learn more about Professor Roger Abrantes’ unique scent detection method, please go to our course Canine Scent Detection.

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