Treasure Chest Found

Treasure Chest ClosedSweet! You found the hidden treasure chest and you did it before anyone has had the time to plunder it. You’re very close to being able to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Now, all you need is the correct passkey to open it.

Don’t worry, though. You just have to answer the two following questions correctly. The passkey consists of the two figures you get. Insert them in the text area under 3 and hit SUBMIT. Then, you will be awarded your certificate granting you the right to the contents of the chest. Finally, you will open it and enjoy your well-deserved riches. 

Treasure Chest Passkey

1. What is the exceptional price of our featured course of the week?


2. How much does the Certified Professional Dog Trainer program (pay by installments) cost per month?


3. The passkey to the treasure chest is…