To earn a diploma you must:

  1. have passed all tests and/assignments for that particular level
  2. have trained and logged the minimum required number of animals
  3. have been proficiency verified


You need to log your practice experience (go to “logbook” on your dashboard). The table below indicates the minimum required number of animals you must have trained in the last five years in order to qualify to a particular degree. We have no possibility to check your logbook, and we will state in your transcript that the number of logged cases is your responsibility solely. Be honest when you log cases for this practice will serve you best, as well as the animals you train and their owners to whom you are responsible.


Practical TrainingNecessary minimum number of logged cases
Logged # of dogs trained505050505050
Logged # of horses trained005101520
Logged # of other animals trained005152540
Logged # of ITs (Individual Therapy) 101010152030
Total # of animals trained60607090110150
Table showing the minimum required number of animals a student must log to earn a diploma for a particular program. Zoo and marine mammal trainers may substitute dogs and horses with other species of their choice.


For logging purposes, you must have worked with one animal at least two hours and have achieved a significant and observable behavior modification to count it as “trained.”  To log one IT, you must have worked with one animal and its owner for at least two hours, have written a behavior modification program and delivered it to the owner, and followed up the case at least once within 30 days of your first intervention.

If you train a dog class of, say, eight dogs, you may log eight dogs provided the class has extended over a period of at least eight sessions of two hours each.

If you work on a vet clinic, shelter, equine center or any place where you handle many animals every day as part of your job, you may not log them as trained animals unless or until your work with any particular animal demonstrates a significant and observable behavior change. If you work in a zoo or marine park, you may log the zoo animals you have trained.

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Graduate and Master students, please contact your tutor for any further questions.

Enjoy your studies!