Advanced Study Programs

You can take our courses as single courses or combine them so that you take all the necessary courses to earn a certificate. In principle, you can take them in the order you want, but we recommend a particular natural order so that you build up your knowledge and skills on the acquired knowledge and skills from previous courses. This route will make it easier for you to understand the subject matters of the subsequent courses. Courses become increasingly more difficult as you progress.

After completing your CAAE program (Certificate in Advanced Applied Ethology), you can continue your studies and earn a Graduate or a Master diploma. These two programs are in content and level equivalent to the BSc and MSc programs.



Graduate in Applied Ethology — Program


  1. Summer Camp is the annual event dealing with various topics, e.g. companion animal behavior, marine biology and diving.  You travel and live on-campus  with your peers and tutors for 21 days. Summer Camps cover four aspects: the academic, the social, the cultural, and the challenging.
  2. The Team-building course takes place during Summer Camp. Learning to work in a group, to manage your resources (also human), to control your emotions, to improvise when necessary, to make executive decisions, and to reach your goal—these are the challenges of this little, but important course. You’ll enjoy it, and you’ll learn much about yourself.
  3. Problem Behavior Advanced is the advanced course on problem behavior preparing you for your future life as a professional (10 days during Summer Camp). You work with real cases under the supervision of your instructor. Next time you’ll see a case, you’ll have graduated, and you’ll be on your own. This course builds up your self confidence.
  4. Internship gives you the necessary experience and routine after seeing a number of cases. You can take your internship wherever you like provided we approve your choice. We want to make sure that whoever will give you the internship is competent to do it.
  5. Pilot Project is the preparation project for the Graduate Final Project and must include all elements of the Final Project, though summarized.
  6. Graduate Final Project is your BSc equivalent thesis, which we submit to two external censors and you must defend it in a public session held once a year. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You travel to Cambridge and defend your thesis. After being approved, you’ll receive your diploma as a Graduate in Applied Ethology as well as your much deserved Graduate badge.



Master in Applied Ethology — Program


  1. Master Course 1 is for you who wishes to continue to the top. You choose course and take it wherever you like (after your tutor’s approval). This course is at the graduate level.
  2. Master Course 2 is the same as master course 1, just on another subject matter of your choice.
  3. Master Course 3, again the same as the two previous courses.
  4. Master Major Course is your specialization. You choose subject-matter, but it has to be within the fields of biology, ethology, animal learning, evolution, ecology or psychology.
  5. Master Trainer Final Project is your MSc equivalent thesis, which we submit to two external censors and you defend it in a public session held once a year. The same rules apply as to the Graduate Trainer Final Project, except that the project must fill 60 pages (+- 10%) and the project must contain some originality. After being approved, you’ll receive your diploma as a Master in Applied Ethology as well as your Master badge of which you can be truly proud.



It’s a long route, but one that will bring you many pleasant moments as well as knowledge and skills that will help you build up the professional career you wish—and maybe also help you at a more personal level. We design our courses and programs with the very clear goal of turning you into a good professional, but most importantly, we hope they will also help you to become the person you want to be.

Let’s get started!