All About Courses And Certification Programs


Ethology Institute Cambridge offers a series of courses in animal behavior, animal learning, and animal behavior modification, which you can combine in various ways.

Flexibility—you decide what you want to study

You can sign up for one course at the time. You earn a certificate every time  you have completed the mandatory test belonging to a course. Once you have taken all courses pertaining to one particular program, you earn the diploma for that program.

To earn a diploma for a certification program, you must:

  1. have passed all tests and/assignments for that particular level
  2. have trained and logged the minimum required number of animals
  3. have been proficiency verified

You can enroll in a certification program and get immediate access to all its courses and tests. Enrolling in a program is cheaper than registering for all courses, one at the time.

Your student profile at a glance

When you enroll on a course, you get a student profile in My Courses, where you have access to all your course work as well as  My Logbook, tests results, certificates and proficiency verifications. In My logbook, you log your practical experience training animals; our programs are a combination of on-line theoretical courses and practical experience.

Syllabus, textbooks, tests and proficiency verifications

Please, go to All courses for detailed information about the coursework for all programs as well as tests, assignments and proficiency verifications.

Courses with mandatory tests are wholly on-line courses. For each course, you read books and/or articles, watch movies and complete knowledge reviews. Then, you take the test for that course. A test is a quality control tool. Re-taking a test regularly is your self-imposed quality control.

On-campus courses require your physical participation. There are only three of them if you wish to become a Graduate Trainer or a Master Trainer. We hold on-campus courses several times a year in various locations. For the CPDT, CACE, CAPE and CAAE programs, most AREPs (maybe there is one in your region) offer on-campus courses all year round, which you may need to be proficiency verified. We combine all on-campus courses in our annual Summer Camp.

Proficiency Verification is a session where you demonstrate that you have the necessary practical proficiency in handling an animal. If we do not have an AREP in your area, you may submit a video proficiency verification that will be evaluated by an instructor.

Your logbook is where you register all the animals you train or treat for behavior problems. Read more about your logbook and get access to it here.

Your final graduation exam for the Graduate Trainer and Master Trainer diplomas takes place in Cambridge, UK, in August. There is no final exam for the CPDT, CACE, CAPE and CAAE programs, only proficient verifications.

High standards

Our Graduate and Master programs require the same level of theoretic proficiency from our students as any corresponding Bachelor or Master program from accredited universities and colleges with a high reputation. The only difference is that we give more emphasis to personal experience and practical skills than the traditional academic programs. Our graduate and master trainers are examined by two external professors who approve their work and sign their diplomas.

Transfer of credits

Although other educational institutions usually give our students credit for their accomplished studies at the Ethology Institute Cambridge, this occurs at their discretion only. Students wishing to pursue an academic career are advised to inquire about the transfer of credits at the college or university of their choice.

Knowledge to everyone everywhere

We have reduced mandatory on-campus course attendance to a minimum by implementing the following measures: excellent textbooks that you can read on-line, one-on-one online tutorship for all students, and Skype meetings (for premium, graduate and master students), on-line tests, logbook for registration of practical experience, video or locally held proficiency verifications (when possible) and cooperation with AREPs (Approved Regional Education Providers).

Not completely free… but almost!

We want to give everyone the possibility of acquiring the knowledge they wish. Here is what we offer: free registration, free courses, courses at affordable fees, and free logbook. We give 10 grants a year to students in serious difficult economic situations, five of them being offered the programs for free and five for half price.

Our low fees are only possible because we have minimized the administration of our study programs, and have implemented on-line registration for all courses, efficient on-line courses, immediate and automatic grading of all tests, the student profile, the student’s logbook, and practical proficiency verifications; and last, but not least, because of the many hours of work donated by our tutors and webmaster.

We were pioneers in the implementation of distance education. We believe we are still at the front of the field. Our combined self-study on-line courses, logged practical experience and proficiency verifications offer, probably, the best, the cheapest, and the most modern facilities for any such programs in the world.

Further questions? Feel free to open a support ticket.

Enjoy your studies!