How to take a course

You can enroll in any course you like, and you will earn a certificate for each course you have completed successfully. To earn a diploma, you must first pass all the tests, take all the necessary proficiency verifications, and have trained and logged in the mandatory number of animals. We recommend that you finish one level before taking courses at a more advanced level.

Choose the course you want to take either from the list in All courses at a glance or from the menu eiShop -> Shop -> Single courses and follow the instructions. Enrolling in a course is fully automated. As soon as you have paid the course fee, you’ll have access to the lesson(s) and the test(s) pertaining to that course. The procedure is the same for the free course, except that you don’t have to pay.

Paying for a course — We use PayPal secure payment, and you can pay either thru your own PayPal account or using a credit card. All payments are processed by PayPal. Once you click the enroll button, you are transferred to PayPal. You do not give us any details about your account or credit card. For security reasons, we do not store any financial information or transactions on our website.

Take a course and earn a certificate in eight quick steps

1. Register for free.

2. Choose a course.

3. Click add to cart.

4. Pay the fee (unless it is a free course).

5. Go to the course and click the first lesson.

6. Read the textbook(s) and/or watch the video(s). Most lessons include a link to a free textbook that you read online. Some courses require you purchase a textbook to which we give you a link.

7. Take the test(s).

8. Save or print your certificate (or leave it where it is).

Go to All courses at a glance or to Single courses to enroll in a course.

If you know that you want to earn a diploma, it’s cheaper to enroll in a certification program than to take all the courses one by one. You can even pay your fee in installments.

Certification Programs
EUR 1030 USD 1,236.00
EUR 1483 USD 1,779.60
EUR 3588 USD 4,305.60
Certified Professional Dog TrainerCertified in Applied Canine EthologyCertified in Advanced Applied Ethology

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