Stainless Steel Water Bottle




Diameter, cm 7
Height, cm 22
Cap diameter, cm 3.7
Hook length, cm 5.5

Hydrating is essential, why not do it in style? This perfect size stainless steel water bottle has a safe closing to keep one’s bag dry, while amazing quality print makes it as appealing as practical. For travel, dance classes, or on a desk next to one’s laptop—an excellent choice for every occasion.

A must-have for the avid collector of Roger Abrantes’ quotes. 
“We bring you ‘knowledge to everyone… everywhere.’ You practice it with ‘kindness to everyone… everywhere.’ Thus, we are changing the world—a tiny drop at the time, filling the beck that runs to the river that flows into the ocean.” ~ Roger Abrantes

.: Lightweight stainless steel
.: 14 oz (0.41 l)
.: Plastic screw top
.: Comes with open and close carabiner and key chain ring

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