Equine Final Proficiency Verification


You need theoretical knowledge and practical experience in order to be a good dog trainer. This is your final equine proficiency verification before earning your CAAE diploma. You will show you can teach a horse some advanced skills.
IMPORTANT NOTE: you need to have completed Equine Basic Proficiency Verification before being able to complete this course.


This is your Equine Final Proficiency Verification before earning your CAAE diploma. You have taken various Proficiency Verifications and you are now familiar with our procedure for verifications. You need theoretical knowledge and practical experience in order to be a good horse trainer. This is a demanding proficiency verification. Please, note that we require simplicity, precision and kindness.

We base our approach to animal training on science applied with thoughtfulness. We require precision for it leads to the best results in the long term. Kindness and leniency (or sloppiness) are different matters. We promote and encourage the former, from ethical and scientific points of view, but not the latter. There are many ways to train any particular skill. You choose the one that best suits you and the animal you train, keeping in mind that whichever method you select, it must conform to sound science and a deep respect for all living organisms.”

Video proficiency verification—If there is no AREP close to you, you may submit a video proficiency verification (VPF). You will receive all the necessary instructions to submit your VPF within the lesson belonging to this course.

Fee: 238 EUR (right now USD 285.60) (Currency converter)