Equine Behavior Course


Equine Behavior studies the behavior of horses and particularly its social behavior.
The textbook (not included) for this course is “The Nature of Horses” by S. Budiansky.


Equine Behavior studies the behavior of horses. This is an indispensable course to anyone training horses. To understand equine behavior, we need to go deeper into the evolution of the horse, its senses, how it apprehends the world, and its ability to solve problems.

Course level: Advanced.

Content of the course

Horse behavior.
Equine social behavior.
Evolution of the horse.
The senses of the horse.
The horse’s ability to solve problems.

Taking the course

Studying: Read the textbook (not included in the course).
One-on-one online tutoring: click “Contact Course Teacher” whenever you have any question.
Test: take the test when you feel ready for it. You may take a test as many times as you like. Once you’ve passed the test, you can print your duly signed and stamped course certificate.

Fee: 89 EUR.  (Currency converter)