Critical Reasoning Course


Sound and logical reasoning—you learn to analyze arguments rationally, to distinguish valid from invalid, and sound from unsound, to conduct rational discussions, to become a clearer and more compelling debater.
Textbook: “Think Out of the Box—A Guide to an Open and Critical Mind” by Roger Abrantes (Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology and Ethology and BA in Philosophy).


Critical reasoning is the skill of reasoning logically and systematically in order to make our reasoning better, clearer, more accurate, or more defensible. This course is an introduction to critical reasoning and logic. Critical reasoning is essential for all students of any subject-matter. This is the course you can (and should) take independently of your interests.

Critical reasoning deals with the Western logic, deductive and inductive arguments, syllogisms, formal fallacies, informal fallacies, agreeing and disagreeing, Buddhist logic—with many examples and brain teasers.

Course level: Beginner to Advanced.

This course is under review. DO NOT ENROLL YET.

Content of the book and course

Think Out Of The Box Cover

“Think Out Of The Box” by Roger Abrantes

Chapter 1 Introduction.
Chapter 2 Critical Reasoning.
Chapter 3 Arguments — Deductive and Inductive.
Chapter 4 Deductive Arguments – Categorical Syllogisms.
Chapter 5 Formal Fallacies.
Chapter 6 Valid Inductive Arguments.
Chapter 7 Informal Fallacies.
Chapter 8 Agreeing, Disagreeing, and Agreeing on Disagreeing.
Chapter 9 Buddhist Logic.
Chapter 10 Line of Argumentation.
Chapter 11 Parallel universes.
Solution to Brainteasers.


This is a course under review. We are right now finalizing the textbook “Think Out Of The Box–A Guide To An Open And Critical Mind” that Dr. Abrantes wrote specially for this course. The course will be soon available. Please, keep an eye on this page. DO NOT ENROLL YET.

Taking the course

Studying: Read the textbook (included in the course as a flipping-page online book).
One-on-one online tutoring: click “Contact Course Teacher” whenever you have any question.
Test: take the test when you feel ready for it. You may take a test as many times as you like. Once you’ve passed the test, you can print your duly signed and stamped course certificate.

Fee: 238 EUR (right now USD 285.60)  (Currency converter)