Canine Scent Detection Course


Scent detection stimulates your dog, teaches you and your dog what serious teamwork is, and is great fun for both of you. A course for civilians as well as professionals. Take the theory on-line and begin practicing right away. Earn your certificate in Canine Scent Detection Theory.
“Canine Scent Detection—The Practical Manual” is written By Roger Abrantes.


Localization of a target scent—the ultimate display of the cooperation between Homo sapiens sapiens and Canis lupus familiaris.

Scent detection stimulates your dog without turning it hyperactive, teaches you and your dog what serious teamwork is, and is great fun for both of you. Take the theory on-line and begin practicing right away. Canine scent detection is one of the best examples of the cooperation between two species, of their separate skills working in conjunction and toward a common, practical goal. Create and develop a meaningful relationship with your dog by working together in resolving searching tasks.

This course consists of two parts: (lesson 1) theory and (lesson 2) practice.

Course level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced. This is a course for everybody.

Canine Scent Detection—The Practical Manual

By Roger Abrantes. Third edition, January 2017. Wakan Tanka Publishers. 116 pages, illustrated.

When you enroll in this course, you get access to the manual, which you can read online anytime you like. This manual is the textbook for the practical part that you take at a workshop. Although not mandatory, we recommend that you read the manual before attending the workshop. To earn your final certificate for accomplished “Canine Scent Detection,” you must take the theory test and attend the practical workshop.

Contents of the manual
STEP 1 – Acquisition of indication behavior.
STEP 2 – Acquisition of target scent.
STEP 3 – Discrimination of target scent.
STEP 4 – Double-blind discrimination of target scent.
STEP 5 – Double-blind detection of hidden target scent.
STEP 6 – Double-blind detection of hidden and masked target
Case Story – Ariel.
Understanding Olfaction
References and further recommended reading.

Taking the course

Studying: Read the textbook (included in the course as a flipping-page online book).
One-on-one online tutoring: click “Contact Course Teacher” whenever you have any question.
Test: take the test when you feel ready for it. You may take a test as many times as you like. Once you’ve passed the test, you can print your duly signed and stamped course certificate in Canine Scent Detection Theory.

Test and Certificate in Canine Scent Detection

This course has two lessons. Lesson 1 is part 1 theory and lesson 2 is part 2 practice. You complete lesson 1 online. Read the book and take the test. You will receive a special certificate in Canine Scent Detection Theory once you pass the test. You complete lesson 2 attending a workshop. Then, you will receive your final certificate.

We plan Canine Scent Detection workshops every year in different regions. The fees for the workshops (not included in the online course) vary from region to region. For dates and contact information for workshops, please keep updated thru our Facebook page.

Fee: EUR 89 (Currency converter) for lesson 1 theory.