Canine Behavior Course


Canine Behavior is the study of dog behavior in the natural as well as in the human environment. It reviews dog language from A to Z.
The best-seller “Dog Language” by Roger Abrantes is the textbook for this course.


Canine Behavior studies dog behavior in the natural as well as in the human environment, reviewing the behavior of the domestic dog and the related species, wolves, dingos, African wild dogs, and jackals. This is an important course for all dog trainers. You have to understand the normal behavior of the dog before you can expect to be able to implement successfully any behavior modification technique. Dog training is full of myths and old-wives’ tales bearing little or no resemblance to the reality that contributed to the evolution of canine behavior. This course will clarify it for you.

Course level: Beginner—Intermediate.

Content of the textbook and course

"Dog Language" by Roger Abrantes

“Dog Language” by Roger Abrantes

  • The evolution of canine behavior.
  • Dog language.
  • Normal canine behavior.
  • Problem behavior.
  • Human–dog relationship.
  • …and much more.

This course is based on Roger Abrantes’ book “Dog Language,” which is not included in the course fee. You can buy this book by clicking one the links we give you once you enter the lesson for this course. You can choose between a paper version and an e-book.

Taking the course

Studying: Read the textbook (not included in the course).
One-on-one online tutoring: click “Contact Course Teacher” whenever you have any question. You’ll be in direct contact with Roger Abrantes while you complete your course work.
Test: take the test when you feel ready for it. You may take a test as many times as you like. Once you’ve passed the test, you can print your duly signed and stamped course certificate.

Fee: 98 EUR. (Currency converter)