Animal Welfare Course


Animal welfare is a science, with objective research approaches to understanding the needs of animals.
“Animal Welfare” is written by Dr. Anabela Pinto-Poulton, a fellow of the Wolfson College, Cambridge University, and a leading authority on animal welfare.


Content of the textbook and course

Chapter 1 Introduction.
Chapter 2 Approaches to animal welfare.
Chapter 3. Definitions of animal welfare.
Chapter 4 The Five Freedoms and the Three R’s.
Chapter 5 Animal welfare and interdisciplinary studies.
Chapter 6 Welfare science, ethics, and law.

Course level: Beginner. This course gives you the fundamental knowledge everyone should have about animal welfare.

Taking the course

Studying: Watch the video. Read the textbook (included in the course as a flipping-page online book). Take the tests.
One-on-one online tutoring: click “Contact Course Teacher” whenever you have any question.
Test: take the tests when you feel ready for it. You may take a test as many times as you like. Once you’ve passed the final test, you can print your duly signed and stamped course certificate.

Fee: 98 EUR.  (Currency converter)