Our Philosophy: Education is a Duty

World Coverage Oct 2014

Education is a duty—knowledge to everyone everywhere. Our program is an unconditional success—we have reached students are all over the World!


We do not consider education a business, but a duty to ourselves and our planet. Education must be broadly affordable, easily accessible and of high quality. By minimizing bureaucracy and optimally automating processes, which do not need human intervention, and by co-operating with approved education providers, we have succeeded in making our programs most affordable. By using on-line text books, on-line tests, video proficiency verifications, and video conferencing, we have succeeded in making our programs broadly available. By employing highly competent professionals with the primary interest of making a difference rather than making a career, we have succeeded in creating high quality programs.


CPDTCertified Professional Dog Trainer online self-study
"Roger Abrantes teaches Boxer to retrieve

Earn your CPDT (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) diploma—nine online courses, two video Proficiency Verifications.
EUR 1,030 (or EUR 110 monthly) — USD 1,236.00 (or USD 132.00 monthly).