Sybl Amy Saisselin

Sybl Saisselin is Lead Dog Trainer and Manager at K9 Keep Fit, a dog training, daycare, and boarding facility in San Jose, California, USA. Sybl is very serious about training dogs and educating their humans in ways that are productive and enjoyable for all. She loves working with dogs of all ages and breeds. Sybl volunteers assessing troubled dogs at local municipal shelters and working with them once they’re released to foster families. Through this work, she discovered that her passion and strength is working with dogs with 'behavior problems', especially aggression issues and anxiety troubles. By educating human families and bringing troubled dogs to a better state of mind, she is able to coach everyone involved through often stressful life-changing circumstances. Sybl studied and earned her Certification in Foundation Style Dog Training from K9-1 Specialized Dog Training, Peekskill, New York, USA in 2014. (www.dogtraining.world) Before becoming a dog trainer, Sybl held jobs including massage therapist, audio engineer, AIDS activist, rifle tester, and various administrative positions in colleges and trade schools. Sybl grew up in New York State and currently lives in California with her wonderful wife and pets Onyx (5yo Corgi/Pit), Hey! Sancho Lopez (16yo Papillon-ish with Canine Cognitive Disorder), and Monkey Bear (15-year-old tabby cat).