Hi there!  I am in Vermont, USA.  I have been a dog trainer since 2016. I began my journey with CATCH Canine Trainers Academy.   After my certification, I began working as staff dog trainer at my local rescue.  I have been working in the kennels with our dogs for a little over three years now.  I help integrate our shelter dogs into their new homes post-adoption.   I also offer private training, general boarding and board and train programs through my personal business, VT Alpine Dog.  Another unique program that I offer is my off leash dog adventure camp.  I hike with up to 14 dogs off leash, two days per week.  We have access to 900 acres of private land and hike for 2+ hours in open fields and woods.  I have a socialization program at my home, one day per week that gets these dogs trained and integrated into my main pack before they are ready to hike.   I am alumni with the Koehler Method of Dog Training.  I finished the course with Tony Anchetta in the spring of 2017.  I also attended Mastering the Remote Collar with Tyler Muto in 2018 and most recently completed the Master Course in Aggression with Michael Shikashio this past January (2020).  I plan to attend the Aggression Conference Michael is offering in New Jersey this coming October if it does not get cancelled in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic.   As soon as I completed the Master Course in Aggression I enrolled in the CASE curriculum here with the Ethology Institute in February 2020.  I'm grateful to have EI to keep me busy as we continue our fight through this pandemic.   Wishing everyone well!  Thanks for having me here!