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    Mel B

    Hello! Does anyone know how to see the breakdown of articles read versus forums participated in when looking up your study credits? I can see how many study credits I have in total, but I cannot tell how many of those are from forum participation. Your experience and guidance are appreciated!


    I look forward to a response to this question!!!

    John Larsen

    Sorry, I did not see this question.

    You can see the articles you read under your curriculum. There is a list of articles that you have read, videos watched.

    They give a single point the first time you read.

    You can have 100 points from reading articles, but they only count as “did you read at least x articles” so you still need the videos and forum interaction 😉

    I hope this answers your question, otherwise feel free to elaborate.


    Shannon Joe

    Hello, I had a similar question and I’m not sure if how it was worded gave the full answer.
    I know for example I need x-number of credits, say 20 from articles/videos and 10 from forum participation.
    I can see I have 29 credits (and I know I’ve watched every single video on the site and done the quizzes so I assume this is what you mean by having to do a specific number of each and the rest don’t count) but how do I know how many more forum credits I need?

    John Larsen

    Hi Shannon,

    You can read about the study credits here

    Let me know if that answers your question, enjoy your studies


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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