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"Measuring Behavior" by Roger Abrantes

“Measuring Behavior” by Roger Abrantes

Measuring Behavior—Stop “guessing” and start “knowing.” Discover how to predict behavior accurately. Learn how to sample behavior, create and use ethograms, evaluate your results, and present your findings. Study how to measure changes in behavior such as frequency, intensity, duration, number of errors, speed, latency, and fluency.

“Measuring Behavior” is written by Roger Abrantes, Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology and Ethology.

Course level: Intermediate—Advanced. Parts of this course are at advanced level. You will need this course if you intend to continue your studies to achieve a diploma as Graduate or Master. The mandatory test is though at an intermediate level.

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Content of the book and course

Videos: “Introduction to how to measure behavior,” “Methods of sampling animal behavior,” and “Creating and using an ethogram.”

Chapter 1 Measuring learning.
Chapter 2 Designing a research project.
Chapter 3 Collecting data.
Chapter 4 Questionnaires.
Chapter 5 Analyzing data.
Chapter 6 The chi squared test.
Chapter 7 Presenting data.

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