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EFR, Emergency First Response (or first aid), is the immediate care given to an animal that has been injured or is suddenly taken ill.


“EFR for Animals” by M. J. Cunha, DVM.

The course covers the most important principles of EFR and taking it can be a lifesaver, should you one day need to help an injured animal.

Course level: Beginner. This is a course accessible to everyone and absolutely indispensable if you work with animals or you are a pet owner. Take this course now!

Content of the course

Lesson 1—Top 10 Common Dog Health Problems (and Solutions). Pet CPR: A Step-by-Step Guide for Dogs
Lesson 2—How to take equine vital signs. What to do if your horse is colicing.
Lesson 3—How to Tell if Your Cat is Healthy.
Lesson 4—What is EFR—Emergency First Response? The ABC of EFR. Common injuries.

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