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We want to protect them, who need it most, our children and our animals. We want to keep offering "Knowledge to everyone... everywhere," free courses and blogs. Join us, buy "Dogs And Children," book and course, for the cost of a cup of coffee and a muffin. Help us to help them.

Course level: For everyone.
Course fee: EUR 10 (to support our work with children and animals)

Child Helps Dog.

‘Children and dogs’ is an important topic that we all should care about. By enrolling in this course, you help us to promote “knowledge to everyone everywhere.”

Read the book if you haven’t done it already. Then, take the test and earn a certificate in “Dogs And Children” from the Ethology Institute Cambridge.

The book, written by Roger Abrantes, contains many good recommendations to parents and dog owners.

Post your certificate on Facebook. Show your friends that you care for our children and our dogs.

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Dogs And Children Lesson

Length: 4 minutesAuthor: Roger AbrantesComplexity: Standard

Dogs and children are wonderful together when all goes well. Learn how to prevent serious problems from occurring and how to give your child and dog some fun and meaningful activities so they can develop a good and respectful relationship.