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SMAF is a tool to help us in applying learning theory to practical behavior modification.  SMAF is a language to describe learning with all its components. Its objective is to enable us to plan our action with the highest possible degree of precision and to analyze the expected and observed results. Some parts of this course are just above beginner level, supplementing animal learning theory. The SMAF part in itself requires more effort from the student. You should, preferably, have taken animal learning before you take SMAF.

SMAF 2018 Cover

“Mission SMAF” by Roger Abrantes. This book is updated regularly.

“Mission SMAF—Bringing Scientific Precision Into Animal Training,” the textbook for this course, is written by Roger Abrantes, Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology and Ethology.

Content of the book and course
Chapter 1 Introduction.
Chapter 2 The Morphology and Syntax of SMAF.
Chapter 3 Examples of POA.
Chapter 4 Quick Guide to designing a POA in SMAF.

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