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Chance Learning And Behavior.

“Learning and Behavior” by Paul Chance.

Paul Chance’s “Learning and Animal learning is the science that studies how animals learn the various behaviors they display. This is one of the most important courses in the program. It deals in detail with advanced learning mechanisms.

The textbook for this course is Paul Chance’s “Learning and Behavior.”

Course level: Advanced. This is probably one the most comprehensive courses in animal learning you can find.

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Content of the course

Learning to change, learning and behavior, Pavlovian conditioning, reinforcement, schedules of reinforcement, punishment, operant applications, observational learning, generalization, discrimination, stimulus control, memory, forgetting, the limits of learning.

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Animal Learning Theory Lesson

Length: 48 minutesAuthor: Roger AbrantesComplexity: Hard

This is a tutor assisted internship, a gathering of practical experience. Your tutor will assist you and will be responsible for the approval of the animal behavior consultant you choose.