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"Animal Learning" by Roger Abrantes.

“Animal Learning” by Roger Abrantes.

Animal learning is the science that studies how animals learn the various behaviors they display.

The textbook “Animal Learning” is written by Roger Abrantes (Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology and Ethology).

Course level: Intermediate/Advanced. It is an essential course for an animal trainer. It deals with fundamental issues which you need to know to understand how animals learn and change behavior. Some of the content is at an advanced level and may require an extra effort on your part. The course test focuses on the most important points—don’t worry, then, if there are a couple of topics, you don’t completely understand. You will get them fully as you continue your studies. You should, preferably, have taken evolution and anatomy and physiology before you take animal learning.

Content of the course

Lesson 1—Classical and Operant Conditioning.

Lesson 2—”Animal Learning” by Roger Abrantes.

Chapter 1 Learning
Chapter 2 Signals.
Chapter 3 Discrimination, generalization, and stimulus control.
Chapter 4 Increasing and decreasing behavior.
Chapter 5 Reinforcement schedules.
Chapter 6 Advanced operant procedures.
Chapter 7 Plan of action.

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Warming you up for the Animal Learning course

To warm you up for the Animal Learning course, we leave you here with “The Power of Motivation: Crash Course.” Motivation is a term you will read more about during the course; and, as a sort of training your ability to observe (watch and listen), and become a critical thinker, we invite you to uncover one little mistake in the video you’re about to see. Do you know what the mistake is? Join the debate on the Ethology Institute Students* Facebook page. Hint: survival.





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Animal Learning Lesson Two

Length: 11 minutesAuthor: Roger AbrantesComplexity: Hard

Learning. Signals. Discrimination, generalization, and stimulus control. Increasing and decreasing behavior. Reinforcement schedules. Advanced operant procedures. Plan of action.