AREP Who’s Who

List of Approved Regional Education Providers (AREP)

We are currently certifying and approving AREPs. This is only a temporary list.

Overall goals of standardized training and certification programs for animal trainers through Approved Regional Education Providers

  • To guarantee animal owners that they will be served professionally and according to a set standard.
  • To guarantee that animals will be treated by competent professionals with the necessary knowledge and know-how and according to a set approach and code of conduct.
AREPCountry and ContactLevelWebsitePhoneSpecialty
etologidk 🇩🇰 Tilde Detz-JensenBSc in Applied 6091 1712Dogs, horses, cats, Guinea pigs.
etologiapt🇵🇹 Roberto Barata CAAEetologia.ptDogs, horses, cats.
ReadySitGo🇺🇸 Michael McManus CACEReady Sit Go Dog Training+1 626.993.4475Dogs, horses, Guinea pigs.
CaneBravoUnder approval