Q: How do I enroll and take  a certification program, for example, CPDT?

A: Here is what you have to do.

1. Go to ethology.eu/shop/certification-programs/cpdt.

2. Scroll down and click “Add to Cart.”

3. Click “View Cart.”

4. Scroll down and click “Proceed to Checkout.”

5. Fill in your billing details. Then, click “Proceed to PayPal.”

6. Pay the amount from your PayPal account.

7. Wait until PayPal processes payment.

8. Your CPDT course will, then, be available at “My Pages” -> “My Courses.”

9. Click the first course.

10. Read the instructions and proceed to lesson One.

11. Follow the instructions, read the online books, and take the tests. Once done, you get a course certificate. Note: All books, except a few, are included in the lessons of the various courses. They are online books. Those which are not (paper books), you’ll have to buy (we give you links inside the lessons). All videos are included in the lessons.

12. Proceed to next course and do the same as for the previous course.

13. Once you’ve completed all courses, take the video Proficiency Verifications (PVs).
Note: When you get so far, you will receive full tutor support for the PVs.

14. Last, fill in your logbook. A tutor will approve it, and your diploma as a CPDT will be ready for you to print.

Please, browse thru our website where you’ll find detailed information about all the steps above.


Q: How do I enroll and take  a certification program by installments, for example, CPDT?

A: Do the following:

1. Go to ethology.eu/shop/certification-programs/cpdt.

2. Click the icon “Pay by installments.”

3. Click “Subscribe” at the end of the page.

4. You are now within PayPal’s secure payment. Fill in the details and follow the instructions.

5. As soon as PayPal processes your payment, you’ll be automatically returned to our site. Go to “My Pages” -> “My Courses” and click “CPDT in installments.”

6. You will see a page with all your courses. Some are clickable course links and some are course titles (not yet links).

7. When you click an active course link, you go to “My courses.” You will, then, be able to choose a course and begin taking it, lesson by lesson, submit the tests and earn your course certificate.

8. Repeat the procedures in step 7 for each new course you want to take.

9. After each automatic payment you make, once a month, new links will be activated and you can take the corresponding course.
Note: Remember to update your credit card details on PayPal when you get a new card to ensure uninterrupted delivery of your courses.

10. Go to “My Pages” -> “My Courses” anytime you want to continue or take a new course.


Q: I can’t see the video in the lesson. Where do I find it?

A: Some tablets won’t read flash files, which is necessary to see some movies and to read our books. Please, see our note on the right column of all our pages about courses and books.

The movie is right in the middle of the page. Usually, when you can’t see a movie it is because you are missing a plugin on your computer/laptop.

Evolution Movie in Lesson One

Evolution Movie in Lesson One—the same applies for all other videos.


Q: I can’t read the book. What can I do?

A: To read our books online, you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. Click here, choose a platform and install the free Adobe Flash Player.
Most tablets, including the iPad, do NOT support flash. At the moment, you will have to install an App like Photon Flash Player to read most of our books on your tablet. We are currently (March 2017) re-publishing all books so that in the future you won’t need any special app.
> Photon for iPad.
> Photon for Android.

You have two options: (1) to read the book on a computer or laptop, (2) to install Photon to read it on a tablet.

To get the link to Photon, please go to /product-category/book/ and choose the right app for your tablet.

The book appears like this:


This is the same for all books.

Enjoy your reading.